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Teaching the future of care

“Our students will be working in new ways when they graduate so we wanted to provide them with experience of digital healthcare.”

Bob Morris, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy
Liverpool John Moores University

Sharing real world experience

“This will aid me in my OSCE's as it will allow me to know what sort of things to say and ask patients.”

Year 1, Pharmacy Student

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Sharing real world experience

“It has given us a chance to work together as a team in a safe environment to work through answering patients’ questions and work out how to explain complex things in patient-friendly ways.”

Bethany, First-year medical student

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How to use PKB with your students

As part of our social mission and company ethos, we offer the Patients Know Best platform free of charge to any institutions teaching medical, pharmaceutical or allied healthcare professional students, to support the remote consultation and patient management practices of our future healthcare professionals.
Educational institutions can decide who and how their volunteer patients will use the personal health record platform with their students for educational purposes, in any of the 3 ways below:
  • Simulated learning: fictitious records and fictitious users on our sandbox test environment.
  • Hybrid learning: fictitious records and real patients on our sandbox test environment.
  • Live learning: real records with real patients using our live production environment.
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